$53 Million in Mekaverse Trading Volume

mekaverse million nft

Mekaverse still unrevealed, but trading for $19.000 per NFT

One of the most anticipated NFT collection dropped less than 12 hours ago, and now Mekaverse has already been responsible for more than $53.1 million in NFT trading volume. The 8888 Mekas are now in the hands of the community, and the floor price went from the 0.2 ETH minting price to 5.39 ETH.

The initial distribution of the Mekaverse NFTs happened without any bumps or gas fee wars. The Ethereum blockchain was hardly impacted by the strong demand for the NFT collection. Even though thousands of fans wanted to get their hands on the Gundam-inspired robots. Thanks to a pre-registration period and a raffle, only eligible users could mint the NFTs.

Even though the community now holds the Mekaverse NFTs, all trading is still speculative. When the robots will reveal themselves, rarity will come into play and the true value comes into play. Currently the cheapest Mekaverse NFT can be purchased for 5.39 ETH or $19.370.

Each Meka will be original and unique, with its own color palette and design. The team is working on making physical versions of the NFTs in collaboration with toy makers, but that project is still not finalized. There will be exclusive merchandise, while NFT holders will also enjoy NFT airdrops. The team has already teased weapons for the Meka, including guns and swords.

Mekaverse from a market perspective

It’s lonely, it’s lonely at the top. Mekaverse currently holds the number 1 position in the DappRadar top NFT collections over the past 24 hours. The $53.17 million will likely increase, as the project has only been on the market for 12 hours so far.

Source: DappRadar (24 hour data)

Even when looking at the weekly data, Mekaverse is within the top 5 most valuable NFT projects. In just 12 hours the Mekaverse has almost outperformed the weekly trading volume of CryptoPunks and CrypToadz. Only Axie Infinity keeps some serious distance. Because they had more than $133 million in trading volume over the past 7 days.

Source: DappRadar (7 day data)

Trading volume on Mekaverse is currently speculative, as the Mekas haven’t been revealed yet. We can expect more price action in the coming days as the visuals and metadata will be revealed.

Mekaverse whales

Even though users could only mint a maximum of 2 Meka NFTs per wallet, the distribution of the Mekaverse NFTs has already revealed some whale activity. A wallet named Onlyflips.eth bought a whole bunch of Mekaverse NFTs from the market and now holds 21 Mekas. Judging by their wallet name they will likely flip and sell their assets with the intention of making a decent profit. Their wallet holds $656.000 worth of NFTs, mainly owning newer collections like Goop Troop, KingFrogs and Mekaverse.

However, the biggest whale on the market right now is a user called b0b.eth. They hold 56 Meka NFTs. In the past 24 hours b0b.eth spent roughly $380.000 on The Humanoids, The Surreals, Onchain Cats, NFT Worlds, Crypto Chicks and of course Mekaverse NFTs. Their entire collection has a value of $2.89 million.

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