Top 10 Best Games on Avalanche

Avalanche is picking up the pace, and so are gaming dapps on the chain

Avalanche is a rising star protocol, and many developers have found it the perfect foundation for their NFT and gaming dapps projects. But considering the wave of attention Avalanche has been experiencing, it can be challenging to select the right games to try out. In this article, we’ll showcase the hottest gaming projects on Avalanche, so read on to find your next favorite blockchain game.


Top games on Avalanche

1. Ascenders

Ascenders is a sci-fantasy, open-world action RPG with a fully decentralized, player-driven economy powered by Avalanche. Players get to compete in daily challenges bringing them AGC tokens as rewards while also crafting NFT items and land plots. The team behind the game has focused on creating a completely player-centric environment. This allows gamers to have complete control over their assets and gameplay.

The full version of the game is expected in Q4 2023. Stay tuned as Ascenders take over the Avalanche gaming space.

2. Off The Grid

Off The Grid is a promising Battle Royale Third-Person Shooter by Gunzilla Games with plans to launch in 2023. Set in a dystopian cyberpunk future, the game aims at achieving a AAA level with its strong narrative and player-centric dynamics and – unlike other web3 games so far – will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, besides PC.

The studio behind the game created a blockchain-based digital economy platform called GUNZ, which is fully built on an Avalanche Subnet and is home to Off The Grid. Emin Gün Sirer, CEO of Ava Labs, told Venture Beat: “The Off The Grid Subnet and Web3 publishing stack are amazing additions to the new wave of Avalanche games.”

3. Shrapnel

Shrapnel is a groundbreaking first-person shooter (FPS) game that merges high-octane gameplay with innovative blockchain technology. Developed by a team of award-winning talent on Unreal Engine 5, Shrapnel is set in a near-future world where players vie for a powerful substance, Sigma, that has shifted the global power balance. The game features next-generation player creation tools for unparalleled customization and the true ownership of in-game items via Ethereum, Polygon, and Avalanche blockchain integration, enabling players to trade, sell, or rent these items in the game’s marketplace.

The game’s NFT approach provides depth to the game’s universe. Finally, Shrapnel’s utility and governance token, SHRAP, will be utilized for various in-game activities, including minting player-created content and yielding in-game rewards, with a scheduled launch in 2023.

4. Fableborne

Fableborne is a uniquely engaging isometric play-to-own multiplayer game that marries the action RPG and base-building genres. Developed with a mobile-first approach for both Android and iOS, Fableborne also considers a future Windows PC release. Players in the game scout for new and larger islands, build and fortify their bases, and unlock and upgrade the Echoes of slumbering Heroes. These Heroes can then raid other players’ islands for resources in asynchronous battles or test their might during challenging boss battles.

The game has been developing since 2021, and its release date will soon be announced. Before the public release, a limited number of players will have the opportunity to test the game following a successful public playtest that took place in May 2023.

5. Paradise Tycoon

Paradise Tycoon is an immersive new multiplayer game on the Avalanche blockchain where tranquility is at the forefront of the gaming experience. This rapidly growing gaming community provides an unparalleled experience for those looking to tap into their creativity, craft resources, construct tools, and personalize villas and beaches within their own unique paradise.

Paradise Tycoon

Emerging from its Alpha stages in 2023, Paradise Tycoon is a breath of fresh air in the blockchain gaming ecosystem. With no battles, wars, or invasions, it is purely a haven for relaxation, exploration, and creation. As the community continues to evolve and grow, keep a watchful eye for new developments coming this May, and join the bandwagon to create your paradise on the blockchain.

6. Chikn

The Avalanche gaming dapp with the most UAW in the past 30 days, Chikn offers both active and idle gameplay components, transforming farming into an intriguing blockchain adventure. It offers an innovative ecosystem featuring interactive and upgradable NFTs.

At its core, Chikn revolves around NFT interactions on your farm. Lay $EGG, earn $FEED, and help your Chikn grow in this intriguing ‘Tri-Token Architecture’ gameplay and tokenomics. Explore the ecosystem’s diverse elements such as Roostr and FarmLand to maximize the productivity of your farm.

7. Domi Online

Domi Online is an MMORPG game launched in late 2021 that challenges the constraints of traditional gaming experiences. The game has created an immersive 3D world with no level or skill caps, thus ensuring continuous progression. As 2023 unfolds, Domi Online prepares to scale new heights.

The game plans to roll out internal staking contracts and introduce NFTs as digital collectibles within its ecosystem. Additionally, the launch of the $DOMI token and an internal marketplace will foster a sustainable in-game economy. To cater to a broad user base, the team is working on a non-custodial wallet generation feature that will simplify blockchain interactions, setting the stage for mass adoption.

8. DeFi Kingdoms

With its successful launch on the Harmony blockchain, DeFi Kingdoms extended its horizons to Avalanche in early 2022. Thanks to subnet technology, the Crystalvale expansion runs seamlessly, further accentuating DeFi Kingdoms’ immense growth. Perfectly positioned amid soaring gas prices and burgeoning opportunities, DeFi Kingdoms offers a gamified way to participate in DeFi, attracting a growing investor community.

With its blend of fantasy RPG elements and DeFi mechanics, DeFi Kingdoms offers a unique gaming experience that engages players and incentivizes them to interact with the game’s economy actively.

9. CryptoBlades

CryptoBlades, developed by Riveted Games, is an innovative NFT RPG play-to-earn game that blends the thrill of medieval fantasy with the advancements of blockchain technology. The game immerses players into an engaging environment where they collect legendary Blades and powerful Heroes, all of which are player-owned assets minted as NFTs using the ERC-721 standard. With its proprietary marketplace, players have the freedom to trade these assets, while gameplay participation is incentivized with the distribution of in-game SKILL tokens.

Recently expanding to the Avalanche network, CryptoBlades has widened its reach within the burgeoning metaverse. The move comes with new functions that notably reduce gas fees, making the game more accessible than ever before. The future design of the game seeks to enhance the utility of the player-owned NFTs, enriching their value.

10. Draftables

Fulfill your dream of managing a professional American football organization with Draftables, the most immersive football emulator on Avalanche. As an agent, manager, or owner, engage in leveling up players, playing competitive PVP games, creating supplements, and gear for player NFTs, and more.

Draftables offers an extensive gaming experience, allowing players to own assets and compete within a charming art style and dynamic gameplay. The game leverages the full potential of the blockchain to offer legitimate ownership, fostering a healthy competitive environment and fostering a community of fan speculation.

Bonus Round: is the main actor of the web3 fitness revolution on Avalanche. The move-to-earn gaming dapp rewards users with KCAL tokens for walking, jogging, or running, promoting a healthier, wealthier, and happier lifestyle.

With unique NFT sneakers called SNEAKs, and gamification features such as friendly competitions, is proving that you can truly earn while you burn. As the app continues to grow, users can look forward to more features, rewards, and gamification that make every step count in a fun and profitable way.

Gaming dapps and the Avalanche blockchain

Blockchain gaming dapps are multiplying by the minute as the web3 space is welcoming more and more players. 

DappRadar will continue to monitor the space, as more exciting projects launch across all chains. Avalanche is one of the rising stars in the web3 space, and more game developers realize its potential. What’s more, the blockchain is attracting high-end, triple-A-rated developments, which is the next developmental phase for the space as a whole.

The games highlighted here are just some of the most hyped projects on Avalanche. Other platforms like DeFimons, for example, are also hard at work to develop their virtual worlds. The platform will soon welcome its first virtual land plots in the form of apartments. In this sense, Avalanche is buzzing with activity across the board, and games are among the most significant contributors to this hype. 

Discover more play-and-earn games

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For those interested in the wider Avalanche ecosystem, you can find the most popular blockchain applications on Avalanche in the DappRadar Rankings. Here you will find popular dapps like the decentralized exchange Trader Joe.   

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