5 Most Active Celebrities in the Blockchain Space

5 Most Active Celebrities in the Blockchain Space

DappRadar investigates which celebrities are knees deep in the crypto and NFT hype

The NFT hype has been real in the past several months, but who are the most active celebrities in the NFT space? As NFTs are steadily taking over the crypto world, their importance and popularity is growing among famous figures from Hollywood, as well as the sports, entertainment, and music industries. 

Some celebrities fell for NFTs and have been trading actively. Others are simply looking to raise their profiles within the NFT community and have only jumped on the NFT train to flash their expensive NFTs once or twice. In this breakdown, we’ll take a look at the wallet activity of five of the most involved celebrities in the NFT space lately. 

In creating this list, we’ve taken into consideration all DappRadar-vetted celebrity wallets and selected only the top 5 that show high trading activity. To view the complete list of confirmed celebrity wallets, check out this article. 

Gary Vee

Gary Vaynerchuk, AKA Gary Vee, is an undeniable part of the crypto community. His involvement with NFTs is significant as well. With an NFT portfolio worth upwards of $113 million, Gary Vee has proven to be a true NFT fan. Not to mention he created the VeeFriends collection, which is just a bonus point for him in this list. 

Taking a closer look at his transaction history, Gary Vee has performed upwards of 700 transactions from this wallet since it was created. Notably, one of his first tasks was to create an ENS domain for the wallet, which has proven to be a wise decision, following the recent ENS token drop.

In the past several days, Gary Vee has been active with the Stoner Cats collection, purchasing 19 of their NFTs. Clearly, Stoner Cats are the predominant presence in his wallet activity in the past week. 

Impressively, Gary Vee also holds about $2.5 million in cryptocurrency. He has a substantial amount of both WETH and ETH, as well as holdings in BOTO and COLLECTOR COIN. Check out Gary Vee’s entire portfolio and most expensive NFTs below. 


Snoop Dogg

It wouldn’t come as a surprise to see Snoop Dogg, or Cozomo de Medici, appearing in this list. Since his official reveal as an NFT collector a couple of months back, Snoop Dogg has been among the most active members of crypto Twitter. With frequent posts and even more frequent buys, Snoop often tops the charts in terms of the most valuable NFT portfolio in our celebrity list. 

A deep dive into Snoop’s wallet shows that Snoop purchases NFTs on secondary marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible. The rapper also tracks new collections popping up and mints NFTs during private and public sales. The latest addition to his collection are several Brain Drops NFTs. 

Additionally, Snoop’s wallet activity shows that he’s purchasing and selling NFTs daily. With 317 transactions associated with his wallet to date, that’s a pretty impressive plunge into the crypto world. In the past week alone, Snoop has bought or minted nine different NFTs. Not to mention that Snoop also holds an enviable amount of SAND and ETH in his wallet. Check out his portfolio and his most valuable NFT in the links below. 


Post Malone

Post Malone is one of the more recent additions to the DappRadar list of vetted celebrities. However, his activity in the NFT space is undeniable. A closer look at his transaction history reveals that Post Malone has been on a spending spree in the past week. 

Post Malone’s first purchase was made on October 29th, when he bought Bored Ape #961. However, in the past week, Malone also purchased six more NFTs from various collections. These include an Art Blocks NFT, a few Divine Anarchy NFTs, as well as several 1,989 Sisters NFTs.

With seven NFT purchases transactions in the past week, Post Malone is one of the most active NFT collectors on this list, despite only joining the NFT space several weeks ago. On the DeFi side of things, Post Malone still has a rather small portfolio with less than 1 ETH in the wallet.  


DJ Marshmello 

DJ Marshmello joined the NFT space in September this year. However, since then, he’s been actively amassing a serious portfolio. At the time of writing, he has close to 60 NFTs worth about $668.000. 

A deeper dive into Dj Marshmello’s recent transactions reveals that he is an active member of the CrypToadz community. The DJ purchased a CrypToadz NFT three days ago, and another one a bit over a week ago. 

Similar to his celebrity peers mentioned above, Marshmello also benefited from the recent ENS drop, receiving 230.59 tokens, worth $11.613 at the time of writing. By the looks of it, Marshmello has really fallen down the NFT rabbit hole, and will continue to develop his portfolio. What’s more, Dj Marshmello is also exploring the crypto and DeFi side of the blockchain. With significant holdings in LRC, LINK and ETH, Marshmello boasts a token portfolio worth over $1.4 million.

To check out his complete NFT collection and to find out which is the most expensive NFT he owns at the moment, see the links below. 


Steve Aoki

DJ and music producer Steve Aoki has been part of the crypto and NFT community for a while now. With a collection of more than 600 NFTs, he’s been frequenting DappRadar’s most valuable celebrity portfolios lists for several months now. 

Looking at Steve Aoki’s transactions in the past several days, it seems he’s cooling off on purchasing NFTs. Aoki’s most recent NFT purchase was from the Art Blocks collection just under two weeks ago. However, the DJ has also aped into ENS, which can technically be considered an NFT purchase. Several days ago, Aoki claimed 189 ENS tokens, which at the time of writing is worth close to $10.000. 

While his on-chain NFT action might have slowed down, Steve Aoki remains an active member of the NFT community on Twitter. His profile picture on the social media channel is a CryptoPunk, and his feed often features threads regarding NFT collections.

To check out Steve Aoki’s full portfolio and to browse around the collections he has aped into, click the links below. 


Celebrities ape into NFTs

As NFTs gain traction in the crypto community, their influence is beginning to leave a mark on the mainstream as well. More and more celebrities from all walks of life are joining the NFT community, essentially boosting the importance of this movement.

DappRadar research shows that Gary Vee and Snoop Dogg are currently topping the charts in terms of NFT trading activity. However, the list of celebrities who are openly adopting the NFT mindset keeps growing. 

The list above is only a snapshot of the most active celebrities in the NFT space in the past week. However, the list of VIPs who purchase NFTs keeps growing. DappRadar will continue monitoring the celebrity involvement in the NFT space. If you want to browse through celeb wallets, you can easily do so here. To keep up with the latest celeb gossip from the NFT space, follow DappRadar on Twitter, and join our Discord community to discuss!

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