3LAU Bagged Over $20.000 in ENS Tokens

3LAU Bagged Over $20.000 in ENS Tokens

The DJ claimed 328 ENS tokens from the Ethereum Name Service governance airdrop

Electronic music producer and creator 3LAU is an avid NFT collector and an engaged member of the crypto community. It turns out his support for the growth of the web3 space is paying off, as the musician received more than 328 ENS tokens from the recent Ethereum Name Service token airdrop. At the time of writing, these tokens are worth over $23.000. 

A quick check with DappRadar’s Portfolio Tracking tool shows that 3LAU is leading the charts in terms of ENS holdings. Among our list of more than 20 verified celebrity wallets, he has received the biggest ENS airdrop so far. Other big names in the music industry like Mike Shinoda and DJ Marshmello have also benefited from the drop. 

The Ethereum Name Service made a splash earlier this week by launching its ENS governance token, and airdropping 25% of the total supply to ENS address holders. Impressively, the price for one ENS token has been on an upwards journey ever since November 8th. With a starting price of only about $17, the token is now circling around the $70 area. You can track ENS’ performance with DappRadar’s recently launched Token Explorer.

Following the drop, 3LAU excitedly tweeted that web3 is bound to have an impact on the music industry in the future. 

3LAU is not the only one

While, for the moment, 3LAU boasts the largest drop among celebrities tracked by DappRadar, he is not the only one to benefit from the ENS airdrop. Fellow musicians Mike Shinoda, Steve Aoki, and DJ Marshmello also benefited from the drop. 

Mike Shinoda received a somewhat modest drop of 98.64 ENS, or about $6904. DJ Marshmello, however, ranks second with 230.59 ENS tokens. At the time of writing, these tokens are worth about $16.000. 

It is important to note that the ENS airdrop will continue all the way through May next year. Given the long claim period, it is entirely possible that some celebrity wallets have not yet gone through the claim process. If you own an ENS domain, you might be eligible to receive free ENS tokens too. Check out this detailed guide on the claim process to learn more. 

DappRadar will continue monitoring celebrity wallets as the hype around the Ethereum Name Service continues to grow. To find out more about celebrity activity in the crypto space, check out the complete list of DappRadar vetted celebrity wallets. Additionally, you can track the price of ENS here or even get some tokens yourself through the DappRadar Token Swap service. 

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