3 Reasons Why 0x0.Art Deserves Your Attention

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0x0.Art is an NFT platform that empowers every digital creator

0x0.Art is a unique NFT art platform that empowers digital creators in the current evolving digital landscape in multiple ways. This Al-backed digital art platform offers digital artwork creation, tokenization, reproduction, and authentication features.


  • 0x0Art has achieved several milestones since its inception, such as the recent successful financing of $250,000 and the launch of an NFT collection.
  • The 0x0.Art NFT collection consisting of 10000 unique NFTs will grant holders the royalty of their digital and physical formats.
  • It is also worth mentioning that 0x0.Art stands out as an NFT art project by pioneering the art display format, experimenting with AI, and making NFT art accessible to all.

The NFT art wave has just begun, and this area has been ushering in an array of experimental and creative artworks and platforms. Among them is 0x0.Art, the next-gen NFTs that link a digital art form to its real-world painting leveraging unique technology.

0x0.Art’s latest milestones

Recently, the 0x0.Art team reached an agreement with the Lithuanian Innovation Agency to receive over $250,000 in funding to develop the project and its ecosystem. Notably, this funding ensures that the team will be able to achieve the goals on their roadmap and Litepaper, and roll out more robust plans in the coming future. 

Moreover, 0x0.Art launched a collection of 10000 NFTs that grant holders the royalty of their digital and physical formats. Holders can enjoy various privileges by owning a 0x0.Art NFT. These benefits include receiving free high-end print and access to AI drawing tools.

What comes next is the opportunity to convert users’ own artwork into NFT and request a high-quality printed version for free. This benefit will be available in August this year.

The 0x0.Art team endeavors to build an ultimate digital art creation experience, equipping everyone with easy-to-use art tools. To provide users with a more comprehensive understanding of 0x0.Art, this article will explain why this project has become a highly anticipated NFT art platform through 3 aspects.

Coexistence of Physical and Digital Artworks

Many people think it still lacks a good way to display NFT artwork. The current virtual exhibition space is far from providing a decent viewing experience for the time being. Fortunately, with 0x0.Art’s technology, users don’t need to sacrifice the ultimate art experience provided by the physical display. 

0x0 Art NFT frame

Utilizing unique printing technology, 0x0.Art allows creators and artists to simultaneously showcase physical and digital content. As a result, it makes the NFT artwork more collectible and valuable for the following reasons.

  1. Holo-secured authentication protocol bridges the artwork and blockchain, making the physical as trackable as the NFT.
  2. NFT holders can unlock monetization opportunities for both the physical artwork and the NFT one.
  3. Collectors can have free access to high-end digital printing services to customize the framing for the physical version of the painting.

The synergy between the artwork and AI

New technology benefits artists by bringing them more sophisticated media and methods for content creation. Moreover, artists have always been fascinated with interpreting the world around them through a metaphoric approach.

0x0.Art strives to assist artists in exploring the synergy between human creators and AI technology. The purpose is to experiment with the creation and innovation of future digital art. 

Artists can use 0x0.Art’s AI tools to produce meaningful content. What’s so impressive about 0x0.Art’s Al is that it understands texts and can interpret words through drawings. 

It’s also worth mentioning that 0x0.Art’s AI continues to evolve. As more and more users input their requirements, 0x0.Art’s AI will learn and become more powerful. This means that the platform will be able to produce more complicated and diverse paintings by understanding the artist’s concept more accurately. 

A powerful platform for all

Another significant feature that makes the 0x0.Art stands out as an NFT art platform is its versatility. It benefits not only artists but also designers, marketers, and many other types of creators. 

0x0.Art’s creation tools can generate a wide range of drawings with various styles to fulfill users’ requirements and purposes. Notably, it supports styles such as Abstract, Surrealist, Minimalist, and more. Most importantly, the platform can support creators to generate artworks that are aesthetically appealing and make sense in terms of storytelling and narratives.

Final thoughts

0x0.Art aims to become a Web 3.0 NFT art platform focusing on innovative art created for everyone who wishes to appreciate, create, experience, and collect NFT art. Leveraging blockchain and AI technology, 0x0.Art will continue cultivating and inspiring a new generation of artists and collectors to unleash the potential of NFT art. 

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