22 NFTs Cost $200.000+ Each in February

22 NFTs 200k

NFT marketplaces see a 480% increase in volume

Hashmasks, Beeple, The Sandbox, and of course CryptoPunks are among the 22 NFTs that have been sold for more than $200.000 each in February. At the same time, the three biggest marketplaces have been responsible for 342 million dollars in volume, up 480% month-over-month according to the Dapp Industry Report: February 2021 by DappRadar.

With $226 million in sales, NBA Top Shot is leading the pack, followed by CryptoPunks and OpenSea. However, the biggest NFT sale happened through Nifty Gateway, where artwork by Beeple sold for $6.6 million. 

In February several other NFT projects stood out as well. Euler Beats has two of its genesis master records in the top list, while The Sandbox made $3 million from two smaller land sale events. See the full list of top NFT sales in DappRadar’s Dapp Industry Report: February 2021.

NFT market booming

NFTs are slowly becoming mainstream as more celebrities and brands find their way into this new space. Genies is using digital clothes as NFTs for their online avatars, and they have partnered with celebs like Shawn Mendes and Justin Bieber. 

Alongside the success of NBA Top Shot, there’s the football fantasy game Sorare. They’ve received a 50 million dollar investment, which involved footballers like FC Barcelona attacker Antoine Griezmann and former German striker Oliver Bierhoff. 

Over the past weekend Canadian singer and artist Grimes, who’s also the girlfriend of crypto influencer Elon Musk, sold digital art with a total value of $5.8 million. She followed a recent trend that brought multiple celebrities to the NFT art space, including Soulja Boy, Lindsay Lohan, and frontrunner 3LAU. 

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