10KTF Drops Hint on Upcoming PFP, Sending G Tag Trading to Sky High

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Burn King 4 PFP?

The community has been anticipating the upcoming release of 10KTF’s own PFP project for some time now. Finally, last week 10KTF gave a clearer hint as to how those PFPs will be minted. According to the hint, the G Tag NFT in 10KTF’s ecosystem will be the key. This teaser brought $1.6 million in weekly trading volume to the project.  

10KTF’s latest tweet reveals burning G Tag can acquire PFP  

10KTF is an NFT project that creates accessories for holders of specific NFTs. The items created by 10KTF are also NFTs, but community members also have the opportunity to craft unique physical items. The project revolves around the fictional city of New Tokyo and the invented character Wagmi San.

10KTF has a compelling narrative that leads users through a series of gamified hacks and rewards them for doing so. So what does the latest clue say?

The project tweeted a new image on Feb 3. By adjusting the saturation, shadow, and other factors of the image, users found a hidden message showing “Burn King 4 PFP”. King is represented by 10KTF’s G Tag NFT, released back in December, as it has a crown as a property. So they concluded that burning G Tag is the key to getting the PFP.

On February 4, 10KTF brought in $820,000 in trading volume. Moreover, the project saw a 7-day volume increase of over 900%, a 400% increase in sales, and a 91% rise in the average NFT trading price. By no coincidence, the biggest contributor to these numbers was most likely G Tag.

Japanese anime giant Toei Animation launches NFT project DenDekaDen

If you are a fan of Japanese anime, then Toei Animation must have been a part of your memory. Saint Seiya, One Piece, Sailor Moon, Dragon Balls, and many more, the classic anime series produced by Toei, have made an impact on generations of audiences. 

So when the company announced the launch of a new NFT project DenDekaDen, it was no surprise that anime fans rallied to the idea. In collaboration with Strata, Toei has launched a new set of NFT characters, a move that will pave the way for the anime giant to foray into Web3.

The first collection of the project is called Genesis Omikuji. In Japanese, Omikuji are fortune-telling words from gods written on paper. Genesis Omikuji was minted on New Year’s Day, but Toei’s announcement sent the collection’s popularity skyrocketing.

The project has accumulated $2.21 million in trading volume over the last week, an astounding 2,700% increase. In addition, the number of sales increased by 868%, with the average price rising by 189% to $4,750.

While not much official information has been revealed about the project development, the most devout believers will receive the rewards these lucky charms bring to them.

Although not much official information has been revealed about the project’s development, it is certain that users who drew Omikuji will receive the rewards these lucky lots will bring them.

A snapshot of noteworthy trends in the NFT space

Opepen Edition & MERGE VV

Opepen Edition and MERGE VV are two earlier collections by the recently celebrated visual artist Jack Butcher. Perhaps because the artist’s latest project, Checks, has made a big splash throughout the NFT art scene, collectors believe that Jack’s other works will eventually see further appreciation.

The Opepen Edition collection has accumulated a 7-day trading volume of $3.28 million, a whopping increase of 470.37%. The one-week trading volume for MERGE VV was equally impressive, reaching $1.52 million, an increase of 838%. The former saw a 62.26% increase in 7-day sales to 11,410, while the latter saw a staggering 182.32% rise to 20,228.

Jack himself has remained focused on Checks and has not done much to raise publicity for his other projects. Therefore, the main driving force behind these two projects is market sentiment.

Comedian | Open Editions

Did bananas catch the public eye again?

In 2019, Italian artist Maurizio Cattelan’s artwork Comedian created a buzz as it was a fresh banana taped to the wall. Created as a conceptual art piece, the work sold for $120,000 at Art Basel Miami Beach.

Although the gimmick has become a bit of a cliché now, the NFT field continues to capitalize on it. This time, the NFT marketplace Highlight released a public edition of the taped banana also called Comedian. In a week, the series sold for 8,064, a jump of 1,101.79%, with 4,725 traders participating.

Is this collection related to the artist Maurizio Cattelan? Do the holders of these NFTs get a special offer from this marketplace? None of these questions have been addressed by the project.

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