100,000 Monthly Users Can’t Be Wrong, ThunderCore Perfect for Gaming

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Fast and cheap to use, compatible with other blockchains

ThunderCore is an excellent solution for dapp developers looking to create gaming dapps or other projects in the metaverse. The blockchain’s fast transactions, extremely low fees and cross-chain bridging technology make ThunderCore a good choice for game dapp developers and metaverse explorers. 

Play-to-earn gaming and the metaverse have been two of the most popular topics in mainstream media when it comes to blockchain technology. According to data from DappRadar almost half of all active wallets on all blockchains interacted with gaming dapps. At the same time, we’ve seen interest in metaverse projects boom, resulting in incredible NFT land sales, brands jumping in and token prices shooting up. 

However, nobody wants to deal with $20 gas fees and long transaction confirmation times. When you’re playing a game or transacting in the metaverse, you want those transactions to be instant and cheap. That’s where ThunderCore comes into play. Not only can ThunderCore process 4,000 transactions per second with 1 second of confirmation time, but it also returns real-time execution results. This means blocks are confirmed and finalized super-fast, allowing instant transactions to take place.

The community chooses ThunderCore

ThunderCore is well suited to attract a large audience, because the blockchain fits mobile gaming very well. It’s not without reason that gaming dapps like Galaxy Blocks and Jelly Squish dominate the gaming charts week after week. These dapps attract tens of thousands of users per month, enjoying instant results on their in-game actions. Also with gambling dapps ThunderCore has lots of traction, because users of these dapps get instant results on their dice rolls. This is crucial when developers want to launch a gaming dapp or metaverse projects, because users demand fast and cheap transactions. 

Furthermore, ThunderCore is home to a growing creative community. The ecosystem already supports over 1,300 different tokens, belonging to communities and dapps. TTSwap, the native decentralized exchange, already processes over 50,000 transactions per week. Content creators have already created over 10 million NFTs, which are sold through NFT marketplaces like CaptureClub. Content creation, play-to-earn gaming, this just shows that ThunderCore is ready for the metaverse. 

Developers find serious growth opportunity on ThunderCore

We all understand that users don’t want to deal with high gas fees, but that’s not the only area ThunderCore offers a solution. Developers will find a wide range of tools available to launch dapps easily. The ThunderCore bridge allows developers to issue tokens simultaneously on various EVM-compatible blockchains, including Ethereum, BSC and of course ThunderCore itself. This makes it a lot easier to get funding to develop a dapp, acquire a community, and get started.

When looking to put a gaming dapp or metaverse project on the market, developers don’t need to beg for attention from influencers. Through the ThunderCore Hub they can connect with hundreds of thousands of crypto users directly. ThunderCore Hub has over 400,000 monthly active users and offers them an integrated crypto wallet. Its extremely user-friendly interface makes the Hub a no-brainer for developers looking to build a community. 

On top of that, the ThunderCore ecosystem has a growing range of services available from the wider ThunderCore community. Developers can find decentralized exchanges, price oracles, NFT marketplaces and so on. For example, Ram Protocol is the leading earning and borrowing platform on ThunderCore, attracting 1,000 unique active wallets per week. Furthermore, ThunderCore is completely EVM compatible, and therefore it’s super easy to bring existing projects from BSC or Ethereum to the ThunderCore ecosystem. Of course, they can do this while using existing code and all the tools they are familiar with, including Remix and Metamask. 

Dapp stack to bring a game to ThunderCore

Of course, there are plenty of other options, but we’ve selected some nice dapps to tap into when developers want to launch their dapps on ThunderCore.  

Every EVM compatible gaming dapp can launch on ThunderCore. No matter whether you make a puzzle game for mobile devices or a complete virtual world in the metaverse, ThunderCore offers a solution.

  • ThunderCore Bridge – Bridging tokens from Ethereum or BSC to ThunderCore
  • Zippy – Yield farming on ThunderCore, ideal to create liquidity for dapp token
  • Dapp Builder – Simple tools to launch a dapp
  • Token Lock – Locking tokens or liquidity pool tokens for a certain period of time
  • Ram Protocol – Borrowing protocol, a fork of Compound
  • TT Swap – Token swapping and liquidity providing protocol
  • CaptureClub – a vivid NFT marketplace

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