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Check out the top 10 most used Gambling dapps | 20-27 July 2020

Currently, the blockchain gambling dapp category contains 1038 dapps or 29.8% of the total dapps tracked by DappRadar at the time of writing. However, because they are so simple and quick to make, it’s difficult for gambling dapps to sustain a loyal audience.

Gamblers are always on the lookout for new and potentially better opportunities to make money. Although, some gambling dapps have built strong audiences and are using intelligent game mechanics such as daily bounties and rewards to keep their users engaged.

These gambling dapps are concentrated on the EOS and especially the TRON blockchains. Although some gambling dapps also successfully run on the Ethereum blockchain. Here we will look at a variety of gambling dapps from simple games through to online casinos.

Let’s take a look at gambling dapps with most users:

Tron holds 70% of the top 10 gambling dapps category


The newest casino in the cryptocurrency sphere featuring exciting games, a unique cashback leveling system, a great referral system, leaderboards, a fresh take on mining and dividends plus a whole lot more.


By providing popular games over a long period of time on the blockchain 1cent has secured an impressive number of users. This contributes to the TRON ecosystem by generating network transactions and increasing demand for TRON through games.


WINk is one of the most popular gambling dapps on TRON. Previously called TRONbet, this gambling dapp rebranded as WINk in July 2019 following a strategic partnership with the TRON Foundation. 

As with many other gambling dapps, it has its own WIN token. Used to gamble with, or frozen for a period to time to generate dividend payments. It also lets users gamble with additional cryptocurrencies. Including the BitTorrent BTT token and the TRON version of the USDT stablecoin. 


Compared to other gambling dapps RocketGame offers a much simpler set of gambling experiences. For example, there’s no live video poker or slots. 

However, it still has all the deeper retention features you’d expect from a blockchain gambling dapp. Including its own token – called RKT – as well as lotteries, dividends, and special events.

The game supports betting mining and dividends. More significantly, RocketGame has also integrated what could be considered game-style retention features. These include daily tasks, challenges, and leaderboards.


EarnBet, formerly EOSBet was the largest dapp launch of all time, and has distributed over $4 million in dividends to its BET token holders. The platform was also the first fully on-chain dapp to receive an official gaming license.

EarnBet offers a variety of exciting, provably fair games, with 100% of profit distributed to BET token holders. The platform began on ETH, moved to EOS, and now runs on the powerful WAX blockchain.

Serious Dice

Serious Dice is a simple dice game with 0.75% House Edge and an Opportunity to invest in the bankroll. Chat, Play, Win Jackpot, Repeat!


With an impressive 163 games, 888TRON is one of the most popular gambling dapps on TRON. Launched in early 2019 by the end of the year, 888TRON was one of the strongest gambling dapps on TRON. Both in terms of daily activity and daily value.


Another provably fair cryptocurrency casino & slots betting site that has become popular in the short space of time it has been available. With many different slots and casino games on offer and a great UX, its not surprising to see RinoBet climbing the ranks.


Tiger Vs Dragon

Like two incompatible animals, Tiger and Dragon players use their brains and luck to fight with each other. An easy to understand card game players simply select the chip and click on the corresponding areas to bet. Both sides then show their hands and the outcome decided.



Felixball.io is an EOS based gaming platform. The platform is profit sharing in nature and fair gaming is always the prime priority. Felix will distribute the dividend by the number of Felix coins that the players have mined during games.

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