10 Dapps to try in 2020

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Kickstart your decentralized life. UPDATED: 18.08.20

UPDATED: 18.08.20

At DappRadar, we track over 3,500 dapps across 14 blockchains including ETH, TRON, WAX, and more. 

That’s a lot of dapps. 

And this means it can be daunting knowing where to start if you want to experience the advantages of using dapps. That’s where this handy guide comes into play. 

We’ll highlight 10 of the best dapps across a range of categories and blockchains so you can take your first steps into the world of decentralized applications and find out what you’ve been missing out on!


Aave protocol is a decentralized, open-source, and non-custodial money market protocol. Depositors earn interest by providing liquidity to lending pools, while borrowers can obtain loans by tapping into these pools in both an overcollateralized or undercollateralized fashion.

DeFi and Exchange dapps have seen a meteoric rise to prominence in 2020 so far and Aave is one of the main players in that space.


Zapper.Fi formally DeFi Zapp is a community-owned platform that leverages the composability of open finance and token incentives to facilitate relationships between new financial entrepreneurs (Zap Builders) and end-users (Zappers). Zapper.Fi lets users manage all their DeFi assets from one simple interface.

Paired with the recent Balancer integration, it’s safe to say that Zapper is quickly becoming the most diverse place to move capital around the DeFi landscape in an intuitive and cost-effective manner.


Aside from the different color schemes, the UI of Uniswap V2 is very similar to the original popular iteration of Uniswap. Uniswap v1 remains live and in the near future, it’s probably better to continue using it as it has deeper liquidity pools and is more robust as it’s been alive for a longer period of time.

Liquidity pools are one of the key changes in v2. It sounds complex, but a liquidity pool is just some tokens a user has put into the Uniswap smart contract, which enables it to work.


During 2020, the 1inch dapp has more than doubled its daily activity, becoming one of the top DeFi dapps on Ethereum. Partly this rise has been driven by DeFi’s overall momentum, but 1inch has performed particularly well even within this category, thanks to its simple UX and smart features. 

At heart, 1inch is a decentralized exchange, enabling users to trade ERC20 tokens. The clever element, however, is the aggregation part, which enables it to leverage the liquidity of other DEXes such as UniswapKyber, and Oasis Trade.


Simply put, NIFTEX enables the owners of high-value NFTs such as digital art, in-game items, or land parcels to sell off a minority share of that asset. This is important because such high-value NFTs are generally hard to resell as there aren’t many people with either the inclination or the financial ability to spend thousands of dollars on such digital items.

In this way, someone with an NFT worth for example 100 ETH, could choose to turn 40% of that value into 400 ERC20 tokens each worth 0.1 ETH (or 4,000 tokens worth 0.01 ETH, etc). 


Digital art doesn’t often get to ride on the blockchain hype train, but the sector is slowly building up its momentum. Leading the pack is SuperRare, an Ethereum-based marketplace for single edition art pieces, which has announced that two years from launch it’s passed $1 million in revenues earned by artists who have sold over 7,300 artworks in the process. 

Defined by a very clean gallery-like UI, SuperRare is a simple dapp to use, both for artists and collectors, each of which generates their own pages as they respectively upload and sell art, and collect and trade art.


Having successfully transitioned from the Steem to the Hive blockchain, card collection dapp Splinterlands is riding high as the most popular dapp tracked by DappRadar. It’s a testament to the strong community for the game, which originally launched as Steem Monsters back in 2016.

Splinterlands provides arguably one of the best examples of how to integrate blockchain features with gaming. Splinterlands is a PVP experience in which two players select from the card collection to build a deck, with the actual battle being auto-played in a deterministic manner by the game.

More recently Splinterlands announced that users of the WAX cloud wallet can now integrate with the dapp and use WAXP. With a strong community and growing NFT ecosystem, this is indeed a very interesting announcement for the number one dapp game.


A fantasy soccer game where you can trade official blockchain player cards. Collect limited edition digital collectibles, Manage your team, and earn prizes. With teams such as Juventus, Bayern Munich and Roma involved already, the scope for Sorare’s growth seems limitless.

Sorare experienced unprecedented growth over the past 6 months with sales of the officially licensed player cards going from USD 30,000 in December 2019 to USD 350,000 in June 2020. More than 70 football clubs from Europe, the United States, and Asia have contracted with Sorare to issue officially licensed cards amongst them Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and Olympique Lyonnais. Building a presence in Sorare offers those clubs exposure to a global audience and a new revenue stream.

More recently things got even more exciting for Sorare as they announced a successful seed funding round of $4 million.


Prospectors is one of the most popular blockchain games currently available and was the first massively multiplayer game (MMO) on EOS, and now on WAX. Prospectors offer players a real-time economic strategy game with a fully user-generated economy. The game world resembles the XIXth century – the epoch of the initial capital accumulation. More commonly known as the ‘Gold Rush’.

A time when rumors had spread about the uninhabited Northern lands, rich in gold deposits. News intrigued many people in search of fortune. Caravans of gold miners headed northwards, taking their families and abandoning their shanty homes. Gold dealers, moneylenders, traders, and a whole lot of adventurers followed.


Gambling remains the largest single dapp category on DappRadar. With 1,027 or 30% of all dapps tracked at the time of writing sitting in the Gambling category. The overall number of blockchain-powered casinos existing in the space is bulging. This means the landscape is a difficult one to enter and create a leadership position.

One such prominent blockchain casino platform is CasinoFair. Created by FunFair, the casino has managed to establish itself as a popular name in the industry.

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