10 blockchain games with the most users

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Check out the top 10 most played blockchain games [UPDATED]

Updated: 31.08.20

Currently, the blockchain games category contains 674 dapps or approx 20% of the total dapps tracked by DappRadar.

As a proof-of-work blockchain, Ethereum requires users to pay a small amount of the ETH cryptocurrency to save any transaction into a block. This ETH is paid out to the miners who created each block and secure the entire Ethereum blockchain. The result is when the gas price is high, Ethereum gaming activity drops.

Previously, high gas prices have lasted for days or perhaps a week at most. But as can be seen via Etherscan, Ethereum has been experiencing very high gas prices since mid-April 2020. This has all but killed gaming on Ethereum.

An exciting shift has occurred due to the above issues surrounding the Ethereum blockchain. Now we observe that over the last 7-days 50% of the top blockchain games ranked by users live on the Thundercore blockchain. 20% on EOS, 10% on WAX, 20% on Hive, and Steem respectively.

Here are 10 blockchain games with the most users over the last 7-days:

Top blockchain games in the last 7-days | Ranked by users


Having successfully transitioned from the Steem to the Hive blockchain, card collection dapp Splinterlands is riding high as the most popular dapp tracked by DappRadar. 

Splinterlands is arguably one of the best examples of how to integrate blockchain features with gaming, Splinterlands is a PVP experience in which two players select from the card collection to build a deck, with the actual battle being auto-played in a deterministic manner by the game.


EOS-based mobile game Upland is a property trading game with an exciting future roadmap and has been on a roll in recent weeks in terms of rising daily activity. Now available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. Upland combines real-world locations with blockchain-based virtual item ownership, in this case using the EOS blockchain.

Crypto Dynasty

Formally EOS Dynasty, Crypto Dynasty is one of the most successful RPG and PvP games on the blockchain. Players enhance their heroes through collecting materials, forging equipment, and leveling up. 

Galaxy Blocks

In a galaxy far, far away, there are blocks waiting for you to break.​ Galaxy Blocks works in much the same way as the timeless blocks game Tetris. This hyper-casual game makes for a great entry point to the world of blockchain games.

Math War

Another hyper-casual game from the creators of Galaxy Bocks. Math War allows users to challenge friends to a math duel and put their skills to the test.

Colour Craze

Another hyper-casual game from the creators of Galaxy Bocks. How fast can you match the color to its name? Take up the challenge and see your capability.

Brain Warp

Another hyper-casual game from the creators of Galaxy Bocks. Even or odd? Consonant or vowel? Keep your cool and win.


The first MMOG on EOS and WAX, Prospectors is a real-time economic strategy game with a fully user-generated economy. Prices for in-game goods and services are determined based on supply and demand, making the Prospectors economy equivalent to an economy during the Gold Rush. 

Enter a time when rumors had spread about the uninhabited Northern lands, rich in gold deposits. Caravans of gold miners headed northwards, taking families and abandoning their shanty homes. Gold dealers, moneylenders, traders, and a whole lot of adventurers followed.


DrugWars is a massively multiplayer game that permits anyone to get rewarded with native STEEM currency depending on their in-game production capacity. Players can fight and steal drugs from their opponents!

Not technically a true blockchain game. DrugWars pays out winnings and rewards in cryptocurrency but the game itself is centralized.

Jelly Squish

Another hyper-casual game from the creators of Galaxy Bocks. You will love the colorful jellies and trying to connect them as much as possible – whether they are three in a row or diagonally. Have fun with them!

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