0x0 Art Lets Users Make Money from NFTs without Selling Them

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Digitalize, tokenize, and monetize NFT artworks with 0x0 Art

0x0 Art is an all-in-one art platform that allows users to monetize their NFTs without flipping them. The new generation NFT can link a digital art form to its real-world painting with a unique security system. 


  • 0x0 Art NFT is a collection of 10000 NFTs on Ethereum.
  • Owning a 0x0 ART NFT allows holders to earn passive income through digital and physical versions of their NFTs.
  • Holding a 0x0 Art NFT grants owners the privilege of converting their NFTs into one or more high-quality prints for free.
  • The AI-backed platform can make artworks based on words.
  • Public minting starts on June 29, 2022.

NFTs began to develop actively in late 2020 and have become a pillar sector of the crypto industry. According to DappRadar Industry Report May Edition, the NFT market generated $3.7 billion in May, with OpenSea generating 950,000 ETH in trading volume. More notably, Solana NFTs have defied the bear trend, reaching $335 million across all marketplaces, growing 13% from April.

The driving forces behind these impressive numbers include the continued popularity of NFT game dapps and the lucrative profits from flipping NFTs. For example, blockchain gaming is fiercely defying the bear market with 1.15 million daily Unique Active Wallets interacting with games last month, according to DappRadar BGA Report

But, on top of those reasons, one more thing that could add to the traction of buying NFTs. That is to own a 0x0 ART NFT. 

What is 0x0 Art NFT?

0x0 Art NFT is a collection of 10000 NFTs that grant holders the royalty of both their digital and physical formats. The AI-backed digital art platform allows users to issue a limited number of certified physical copies of the original NFT artwork. Moreover, holders of 0x0 Art NFTs can gain royalties generated from secondary market sales.

0x0 Art NFT collection

How can prints add value to an NFT? According to Artsy, prints are one of the most profitable segments of the art market. Thanks to limited edition prints, grassroots collectors can access famous artworks at a much lower price. For example, an original Warhol painting could cost $600 to over $100 million. However, an Andy Warhol print can start at around $2,000. 

Leveraging blockchain, 0x0 Art NFT takes the art prints profit-sharing model to the next level. Whenever physical prints change hands, the holder of the original NFT can also get a commission. 

What are the benefits of holding a 0x0 Art NFT?

Unlike many NFT projects, which have no practical utility after release, 0x0 Art will provide holders access to high-end digital printing services. It offers the opportunity for NFT collectors to convert digital artwork into physical artwork for free. Collectors can immediately use them for interior decoration, give them away as gifts, or sell them for profit, providing an alternative for passive income.

0x0 Art frame

Moreover,  0x0 Art will guarantee the authenticity of these NFTs’ physical reproductions. Each print will have a cryptographic sticker that contains a QR code. Anyone can check and verify the artwork’s on-chain information by scanning the QR code.

0x0 Art NFT authentification

In addition, becoming an owner of 0x0 Art will grant holders access to artificial intelligence tools for art creation. 0x0 Art’s powerful AI can create artwork based on text. For instance, users can request the AI use its imagination to interpret Shakespeare’s “To be or not to be” with the digital paintbrush. Furthermore, to make each piece of artwork distinguishable, the platform lets users decide what kind of art style they would like to use as an approach. The current selectable types include Abstract, Surrealist, Minimalist, and more.

It is worth mentioning that 0x0 Art’s AI tool is constantly evolving. The scientist in the team is continuously optimizing the algorithm and building it into an industry-leading art AI.  

Mint 0x0 Art NFT now

The presale of the 0x0 Art NFT collection started on June 27, 2022. The eligible participants for this stage are those who have joined the whitelist earlier. The public sale will start on June 29, 2022. 

The 0x0 Art team has rolled out a robust roadmap to make AI generative art experience accessible to everyone. Find out more about 0x0 Art through the channels below and stay tuned. 






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